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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cheats Days...Should You Do It?

At the start of my diet I was asked not to cheat for two weeks. Two weeks to most may not seem like a long time but to a "sugar addict/choco-holic" it seems like a lifetime! The first few days seemed to be a breeze...but as the week came to an end and the weekend started so did the cravings (going out to Moxie's with the girls and being the only one who couldn't eat probably didn't help lol!). But, I somehow pushed through it and the second week went without a glitch. My reward for two weeks of clean eating was a single Kit Kat bar. To be honest I didn't feel like I had to have it but the majority of my week was spent on trying to figuring out what I was going to allow myself to have. I decided a Kit Kat bar would do the trick. I was planning on really taking my time eating it, really savoring the fact quite the opposite happened. I devoured it as if it was the last piece of chocolate I was ever going to get to have. The worst part is, after I didn't really even feel satisfied! The next Sunday we were treated to an array of desserts as per my boyfriend's sister-in-law (based on idea she got from a restaurant her and her husband visited). There was carrot cake, cheesecake and a brownie! The first ten minutes I felt fantastic...the next few hours not so much! I didn't think that eating clean for a few weeks would have such a drastic change on my body. But literally ten minutes after consuming the desserts I was having stomach pain and I felt nauseous for a good two hours. I decided that perhaps instead of dessert I would be better off having a "cheat meal". My cheat meals for the next two weeks consisted of :
1) An entire Small Pepperoni Whole Wheat/Thin Crust pizza from Panago (no lie!)
2) Grilled Chicken and Provolone Panini and starter Italian Wedding Soup from East Side Mario's
I have noticed that after the first month my energy levels have dropped and my mind was beginning to think more and more about food. Unfortunately it wasn't the good foods but rather the chocolate bars and ice cream (we received coupons in the mail from Marble Slab...yummy!). I was worried that feeling frustrated I would begin having thoughts about buying a small chocolate bar and just having one piece, not the entire bar, but enough to satisfy that craving. But I knew myself better than that. One piece would lead to the entire bar. Then that bar would lead to another. For the next couple of days I would be over come with guilt and have a hard time picking up where I left off.
I started doing research on the internet and after getting some professional advice decided that I would continue to incorporate a cheat meal once a week on Sundays. From what I gather incorporating a cheat meal once a week will not only emotionally calm my cravings but it will jump start my metabolism and provide some extra energy. I mean one splurge will not ruin my progress as a healthy diet can include all foods...just in MODERATION! (the moderation part is something I still need to work on). Of course, not everyone agrees with this and as I get down to the last three months before the competition I will need to make some changes, but competing to win means sacrifice. Until then, I will trust the opinions of those who are helping me on my journey.

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