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Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank You

I wanted to take this time to say thank you to all those who have been supportive of my venture. When I first started out it seemed that I was met with doubt and criticism. I never thought that simply telling someone that I was on a diet would be so controversial! Then adding that I wanted to compete in a fitness show only added fuel to the fire! It wasn't until I got fed up with all the negativity and posted my feelings on facebook that people started to come around. I was so frustrated and was having a hard time keeping my feelings bottled inside. I am now glad that I had the courage to speak up when I did, because as soon as I did, people really started taking an interest in learning more about what I wanted to do. I started the diet due to health reasons that I have mentioned in a previous blog, but it is going to be a major part of competing. Of course the true competitors diet won't begin until I am three months away from my competition date but trust me when I say that the diet I am on is a great test of my will power and dedication. I am not only saying this because of what I am so called missing out on eating but rather the amount of planning it takes to keep up with it(something I will dedicate a separate post to).

In this last few weeks since starting up at the gym more and more friends and family have begun inquiring about my goals. I am not sure if they were unsure about fitness competitions altogether or if they felt that perhaps this was just an idea that I came up with one day but was truly never going to do. The feedback so far has been very positive. I actually had someone tell me that I was an inspiration. I knew this journey would impact my life forever but I never imagined the impact it may have on others. I am just an average person and to know that something I am doing is helping others means so much to me. When I decided to teach it was for that exact reason, because I wanted to help others and have a positive impact on their lives. I never imagined that something I decided to do for myself (which so far I have deemed pretty selfish) would actually affect others.

So to keep this short I wanted to say thank you to all of the people in my life who have been there encouraging me, and for those who I will meet along the way. It is nice to know that this is not a journey I need to take on my own!

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